What To Drink Before Singing? (vocal)

This article lists some of the best things to eat and drink as a singer and avoid it. Taking care of them helps you to be a natural singing talent, and these tips can help you reach your singing potential by avoiding the foods listed above, staying hydrated, and eating a light meal just two hours before singing.

Which drink is best for your singing voice, and do you consume too much caffeine that can dehydrate you, or too little?

If you have sung a lot, you may feel a slight pinching of the neck. This places particular strain on the vocal cords, and while it is true that nothing you drink directly affects them, there are some slippery elm, peppermint and licorice roots that reduce inflammation. It has a general mucolytic effect, but can also lead to too much mucus in the throat, which dissolves with a little snoring and coughing.

It significantly reduces the amount of water in the mouth, throat and larynx, where the vocal cords are located, so that there is no severe dehydration.

What to drink before singing high notes

So it is really safe to drink hot tea, but add a touch of honey to enjoy the calming effect on the vocal cords. It also contains no caffeine, so remember that you should not drink caffeine tea as caffeine can dry your voice.

The problem is that most singers only use ginger tea when they have already noticed that their throat is hurting, so the best use is when it reduces inflammation and speeds up the recovery process, which is good when you want to sing high notes. You should drink it as soon as possible to obtain the full healing and relaxing properties that it gives you. Consistency is key, the weaker of the two, the more benefits you will notice, but the stronger the better. It is possible that you are not advised to drink ginger tea before singing, as your vocal cords start to ache at some point, but drinking it does not mean that you can sing a high note for hours.

Drinks to help singing voice

The best option would be licorice, with its high antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, and a good dose of salt.

You can experiment and add a herb or honey for extra flavor, which also helps to soothe vocal cords and throat.

You can also try mixing honey with water and gargling salt water, or you can opt for warm salt – gargling laryngeal tablets as an additional home remedy that can soothe the throat and reduce excessive mucus production.

It is recommended to reduce the consumption of certain drinks that can irritate and dry vocal cords, such as coffee and alcoholic beverages.

These are just a few of the things you can use to calm your throat before you start singing, as well as other home remedies for sore throats.

Good foods to eat before singing

The best foods for singing are foods that moisten the voice and are high in protein, such as fruits, vegetables and whole grains. A singer should not cram himself with foods rich in dairy products and spicy spices before a performance.

We have compiled list of foods to eat before singing and drinks that can calm the voice before singing, including quick snacks and remedies for sore throats. While plenty of fluid helps to hydrate the larynx while creating a good voice, be careful how cold or hot your drink should be to protect your voice.

Do’s and Dont’s before singing

This is especially true when eating ice cream – cold foods and drinks that can tighten the throat. If you need to drink a hot or cold drink, it is better to allow it to cool and warm down before approaching room temperature. Always assume that water at room temperature is best because it does not shock your vocal cords as much as drinking hot and cold water.

Conversely, the things to avoid before taking are those that produce excess mucus and have a drying or cooling effect.

Milk, ice cream, and yogurt can thicken the mucus that is already present in the airways, which envelops the vocal cords and makes it difficult to sing. Even if dairy products do not disturb your voice, you should avoid ice cream and other dairy products. While chilled food and drinks act as if they were before a performance, the cold can narrow and cause the vocal cords to swell.

Other singers may tell you to drink water with lemon or fruit juice to clean your throat, but you can experiment to see what your voice feels different.

It may not be beneficial to you, but it will not hurt you if you want to try it out, and it can help you lose weight and make your skin look good. On the contrary, being well hydrated can benefit from increased energy levels, lower blood pressure, lower heart rate, and lower cholesterol.

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