The Vocalist Studio By Robert Lunte Review

What is the Vocalist Studio?

The Vocalist Studio is an singing lessons online vocal training program developed by a voice coach, singer, and author Robert Lunte. Designed to improve all aspects of vocals, the Vocal Studio provides students with an in-depth course to help develop singing techniques, vocal muscles, voice strength and coordination, and expanding vocal ranges.

The course consists of various syllabus, with a diverse range of online video and audio tutorials, lesson courses with quizzes, vocal workout exercises, step by step instructions for training vocals, and real-time chat with Robert for course assistance.

Students can stream this course online or download the files for offline training, while there are also course options that include a quick access eBook and hardcopy of Lute’s Four Pillars of Training book.

the vocalist studio


Benefits of Using the Vocalist Studio

Online vocal training programs are a great tool for aspiring vocalists and anyone that wants to improve their singing abilities. The Vocalist Studio is a comprehensive course that includes a wide array of vocal training content, including videos, audio, books, quizzes, and the opportunity for private lessons with Robert.

As an experienced vocal coach and singer of over 20 years, Robert Lunte has developed an all-encompassing vocal training course for people of every signing level. When committed to completing the entire course, you can expect your vocals to greatly improve, build vocal strength, and be capable of performing are wider range of vocal techniques.


What is Included with the Vocalist Studio?

The Vocalist Studio is a paid online training program, meaning you pay a one-off fee for access to the training program’s content. There are a few pricing options available, all of which include the main course itself, with the a few options to include additional products and services should you want them.

Let’s take a closer look at what is included in the main course itself!

The Vocalist Studio Online Course

Included with every package, the Vocalist Studio is an online singing course and the main component of the program. When purchasing the Vocalist Studio, you gain lifetime access to the course and all its training content, which encompasses various aspects of vocal training.

The Vocalist Studio includes a massive selection of training exercises developed by Robert Lute. These exercises aim to teach students the various skills needed for improving their vocal strength and ability.

Here is a breakdown of what you get with the online course:

500+ Hours of Video and Audio Content

With over 500 hours of online video and audio content, it’s safe to say there is plenty to get your teeth sunk into with the Vocal Studio online course. Video and audio content are diverse, covering the entire spectrum of vocal training and performance.

Lessons with Quizzes

There are over 170 lessons with quizzes in the Vocal Studio. This is a massive range of lessons to develop all kinds of vocal techniques and training, while the quizzes are designed to measure the progress of each student.

Pick and choose from your preferred lessons, work on the content of each one, and then take the quiz to see how much you have learned. This is useful for working at a pace that suits your own requirements.


There are 62 vocal workouts included with the Vocal Studio. These are available in slow, medium, and fast speeds, ensuring students have workouts appropriate to their current abilities while working towards making improvements they need most.

Within these workouts are specialized exercises for men and women, which is important given the different types of singing voices that require unique exercises tailored towards these voice types.

Frequent Updates

A one-off payment provides students with lifetime access to the Vocalist Studio, which is frequently updated with new content. From webinars to lessons to articles to reviews of your performances, there is a constant stream of new content that ensures your vocal training never stops.

While you can greatly improve your vocals through 2-6 weeks on the online course, continuing to use it will only further improve vocal techniques and performances.

Thriving Online Community

As an international program with over 17,000 active students, the Vocalist Studio is not just a home training program to complete by yourself – it’s an active online community where like-minded vocalists come together to share their love of singing.

Take part in the massive forum with fellow students to share ideas and techniques, get reviews of your performances, and enjoy online lessons with Robert and other vocal trainers with countless other singers.


When you purchase the Vocal Studio, you can connect Robert Lunte for support using the real-time chat feature of the program. Whether its issues with the program or something you don’t understand about specific course content, you have a direct line of contact with Robert to address any problems you have.

Types of Training Included with the Vocal Studio

Now that you know how much content you get with the Vocal Studio online training course, let’s look at some of the different types of vocal training included with the program.

Step by Step Workflows

Given the wide selection of training content available on the Vocalist Studio, Robert has developed an efficient method for helping students understand the various types of training available.

This involves step by step work flows that paint a clear and concise picture of all training exercises, helping to make it feel more efficient and relevant to the individual vocalist. Understanding vocal techniques gives each training exercise a clear purpose, so singers can focus towards learning these techniques to improve all aspects their vocals.

By making it step by step, the course lets you effectively train and practice vocals in sequential steps, going from one level to the next as you are ready. This suits the individual singer, letting each person train at a pace that suits their ability and current progress – you can go as fast or slow as you need.

Specialized Onset Training

Onset in vocal training refers to the beginning of the vocals. Because everyone starts with a different onset, the Vocalist Studio has developed specialized onset training for different levels of singing.

Whether you are completely new to singing or already sing and want to improve technique, the specialized onset training to help everyone to best begin their singing, working to isolate the necessary vocal muscles to build strength and coordination.

Not only does this allow for better onset performance, but how to identify any issues with vocal performances.

Controlling Acoustics of Singing

The training exercises and online lessons in the Vocalist Studio are designed to help the singer control acoustics of their singing, including vowel modification, resonance, and sound colors.

For instance, the vowel modification training allows vocalists to perform smooth register building, while resistance training exercises are designed to build and improve vocal strength.

The course also delves into the sounds of colors in singing, brining an innovative training course where singing vowels or formants are associated with colors for visual learning. Because of this association with specific collars, singers can visualize different acoustics and how to best adjust the formant and vowels to improve performance.

Both training methods provide vocalists with better singing strength and coordination to greatly improve their control over their vocal acoustics.

How to Bridge Your Vocal Break  

Bridging vocals is one of the most important singing techniques but one that many understandably struggle with. For instance, seamless bridging one’s vocal breaks allow a singer to perform in high notes with conviction, producing a rich and full tone, but this is difficult to achieve without understanding bridging techniques.

This is all broken down in comprehensive training videos by Robert, who uses his experience as a vocal trainer to help students understand the skills and techniques needed effectively bridge the vocal break.

Building Vocal Strength

Vocal strength is key for better singing, so the course looks to provide an in-depth guide on how to build vocal strength. This includes techniques for building singing musculature, such as the belt musculature in the head voice that allows you to sing with a high chest voice.

Because our vocal muscles are responsible for good performance, its important to train them like you would other muscles in the body. Vocal strength training offers insight into the techniques used to build stronger vocals, why its important, and how it improves vocal performance and recovery.

Amplification Training

Using amplification training, the Vocal Studio provides students with a unique approach into understanding the processes of vocals and amplification. Students learn how to best use a microphone and various other important tools in vocal performance, while vocal training is generally made much more energetic and exciting through amplification training.

Vocal Warm Ups

Warming vocals in one of the most important aspects of singing but something many people struggle with. In the Vocalist Studio online course, Robert Lute provides a comprehensive guide on how to warm vocals in a safe and efficient manner, helping to prepare the voice for training and performing

Vocal Effects

Not all vocal effects require studio software, with the Vocal Studio offering complete training on how to perform unique vocal effects with nothing but the voice. For instance, vibrato training shows vocalists how to sing with a natural vibrato, sobbing training to improve the tone of your voice with natural technique, and the very fun and enjoyable yarling training to achieve a more melodramatic effect.

Vocal Range Training

Vocal range is the cornerstone of all singing performance, but not all vocalists fully understand their own vocal range. The Vocal Studio provides training that helps to find your vocal range and how to best perform in this range without damaging your vocals.

With this training, students can replace their windy (falsetto) voice and sing in the perfect vocal range according to their ability, producing much fuller and natural sounds with their vocals.


The Vocalist Studio Package Options

The Vocalist Studio is certainly a robust online program with a lot of content for consumers and you have the option of several packages to suit your needs.

the vocalist studio packages

The Vocalist Studio Course – This is the basic course program and includes all the features mentioned above. Available for a one-off payment of $99, you get a massive amount of content and lifetime access with constant updates to the content, so it’s a reasonable price for everything you get.

The Vocalist Studio Course & Book – This package includes the entire Vocalist Studio online course and its entire content, along with a hardcopy and eBook of the ‘Four Pillars of Singing’, a vocal training book written by Robert Lunte.

The Vocalist Studio Course & Book + Lessons – This comprehensive package includes lifetime access to the Vocalist Studio Course, a hardcopy and eBook version of the ‘The Four Pillars of Signing’ by Robert Lunte, and private lessons with Robert himself. Lessons can be purchased in various bulks and are available via Skype or in person in the Seattle area.

Private Lessons – Should you want to get even more from the Vocalist Studio you can arrange private lessons with Robert Lunte. These will incorporate the various training techniques and methodologies found in the Vocal Studio, teaching students how to apply everything to your singing, along with various other vocal lessons from Robert.

What do Students Think of the Vocalist Studio?

The big question many will have about the Vocalist Studio is what the students themselves think about it. It’s all well and good offering a comprehensive online vocal training program, but without a positive reaction from students there may be no point investing in the Vocalist Studio.

It appears that students are very receptive of this online training program. There are several glowing testimonials on the website from various types of vocalists, including professional performers and voice coaches, who speak very positively of the product.


One thing that many seem to be saying is that their understanding of vocal techniques has greatly improved, translating into better singing performances, while the course seems to be designed in unique way that students find engaging, effective, and enjoyable.

You can read these for yourself for a better idea, but they all seem to be glowing reviews of the product, with both written and video testimonials easily found online.


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